SIMAC can help combat land grabbing: minister

April 24, 2018 - 14:23

TEHRAN -- Iran’s Real Estate Integrated Suite (with Persian acronym of SIMAC) has a crucial role in combating land grabbing, the communication and information technology minister has said.

Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi said that through SIMAC, services are provided for people in unique suite and it can combat land grabbing, IRNA reported on April 18.
He named SIMAC project as one of the achievements of e-government attained in the past Iranian calendar year 1396 (ended on March 20).
“E-government leads to transparency and combating economic rent,” he said.
He also pointed cellphone registration scheme as another plan which was possible through e-government.
According to the scheme cellphone users in Iran shall resume the registration process based on the country’s telecommunications database to stop growing market for smuggled cellphones.
Collaboration between the ministry of Communication and Information Technology, the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade, and the Customs Administration led to a decrease in cellphone smuggling, he said.
Azari Jahromi announced that the scheme brought 12 billion rials (about $285 million) in revenues for the government.
E-government: Where does Iran stand worldwide?
As per the United Nations 2016 E-Government Development Index, out of 193 countries worldwide Iran ranks 106 in putting in place e-government initiatives and information and communication technologies applications for the people to further enhance public sector efficiencies and streamline governance systems to support sustainable development.
On a scale of zero to one the United Kingdom tops the list with an index of 0.9193 followed by Australia, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Denmark and France. With an index of 0.4649 Iran stands somewhere in the middle of the chart. 
The country has had a minus four rank change compared to the year 2010. 
The data which is available from the year 2003 indicates that Iran has had its ups and downs and ranked 98 (its highest ever rank over the aforesaid period) in 2005.

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