Any new U.S.-EU agreement on JCPOA will be void: Shamkhani

April 25, 2018 - 20:46

TEHRAN – The secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran has said any new agreement between the United States and European Union over the Iran nuclear deal will be of no value.

Ali Shamkhani made the remarks on Wednesday at as security conference in Sochi, Russia.

The JCPOA is a quintessential example of solving problems through talks, he noted, adding, “What is more important than reaching an agreement is staying committed to it.”

“Unfortunately, now we see that the current American administration is not only ridiculing the previous administration’s commitment, but is also trampling the country’s bilateral and international commitments, including the JCPOA.”

“In the present meeting attended by representatives of more than 100 countries, I, as the representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran, announce that whatever agreement Europe and the U.S. make regarding the future of the nuclear deal and Iran’s nuclear program after the end of the limitations, as stated in the JCPOA, is of no credit or value to Iran.”

He added, “Their dream about Iran will never come true; renegotiating about the time of terminations of the limitations equals the death of the deal because cancelling the limitations and normalizing Iran’s nuclear procedure is an important part of the commitments made by Iran in the international deal.”


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