A least 11 people killed in U.S. drone strike in Afghanistan

June 28, 2018 - 12:10

While attacks by the Taliban have frighteningly increased across Afghanistan, compounding worries for the Kabul government, drone strikes by the American forces are also intensifying, giving sleepless nights to people living in remotest areas.

American officials claim their drones carry out high-precision attacks on specific targets; but the reality is that most of these drone attacks result in death of innocent civilians. On Tuesday, at least 11 people, including six civilians, were killed in a U.S. drone strike in northeastern Nuristan province, according to senior provincial government officials.

Hafiz Abdul Qayum, provincial governor, confirmed the incident and said that six civilians were among those killed in the U.S. drone strike targeting a house where they had gathered.
Despite limited success, unmanned drone strikes in Afghanistan and Pakistan remain a controversial tactic to counter terrorism. Many hospitals and schools have been destroyed in these drone attacks, in parts of northern and eastern Afghanistan. According to experts, these unmanned drone strikes are intended to target terrorists but they are unable to avoid civilian casualties, which makes them controversial.

The increased use of drone strikes in Afghanistan and Pakistan has little legal justification as it raises concerns regarding human rights and territorial integrity, according to security observers.

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