By Ramin Hussein Abadian

Netanyahu’s childish game against Iran

June 28, 2018 - 13:21

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is making desperate attempts to distract the public from his corruptions, a tool used way too many times.

It appears that Netanyahu has no intention to give up his immature games against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Recently, in a calculated move, he released a video file against Iran, displaying some of limited internal unrest in Iran.

In the video, the Zionist prime minister related Iran’s late protests to the country’s national football team (Team Melli) and said, “Iran made the impossible possible. I would like to congratulate Iranian people on proving their courage in the football field, and today they, once again, showed bravery as they took to the streets. Iran has many problems. Can you imagine what would happen if Iran would invest in resolving issues at home instead of wasting money in Syria and Yemen?”

The message came at the time when the Israeli prime minister had earlier released two more ridiculous videos on Iran water shortage and his dream of traveling to Iran. He certainly filled the world’s leisure time with laughter and humor, a feature he has yet to lose.

 Zionists had acted funny before. For example, during the cancellation of the football match between Argentina and Israel, the Zionists, particularly Netanyahu, raised hell and called for the game to go on. This is while, based on international laws, the involvement of politicians in sport affairs is completely unlawful and contrary to international sporting regulations. Israelis blamed the cancellation of friendly match for Argentinean’s poor performance in the 2018 World Cup, a claim that the world mocked on the social media.

Currently, Netanyahu is under investigation for by Israeli’s general attorney for allegation of corruption, money laundry and bribery. This is while, his wife, Sara, is also accused of the same changes.

Thus, to cover up for losing face, Netanyahu is working hard to distract the public from his charges and redirecting the world’s attention on Iran.
Ever since 2017, Netanyahu, who also headed the communications portfolio, has vehemently faced allegations of corruption; though he accuses the media of leading a witch-hunt against him.

Case 1,000, also known as the “gifts affair”, involves claims that he and his family received about £200,000 worth of gifts from international billionaires, including expensive cigars, pink champagne and jewellery for his wife. Alleged wealthy benefactors include the Hollywood producer and media magnate Arnon Milchan and the Australian businessman James Packer.

Case 2,000 relates to secret talks with the publisher of a leading Israeli newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth, in which Netanyahu allegedly requested supportive coverage in exchange for damaging a competitor, the pro-Netanyahu freesheet Israel Hayom.

A further case under investigation – Case 3,000 – is an inquiry into alleged kickbacks in a deal to buy German submarines. Though he is not a suspect in this investigation, which involves alleged corruption in the sale of German submarines and naval attack vessels worth $2bn, his cousin and personal lawyer David Shimron is.

Known as Case 4,000, the investigation canters around allegations that the owners of Bezeq Israel Telecom provided positive coverage of the Netanyahus on a news website in return for regulatory changes worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

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