Entrepreneurship, technology should be taught at universities: academic

July 2, 2018 - 11:6

TEHRAN – The culture of entrepreneurship and technological development should be included in higher education courses of universities, an academic at the Sharif University of Technology told IRNA on Sunday.

Professor Mohammad Reza Movahhedi elaborated on the third generation university as an important issue, which should not be undermined.

The third generation university, which comes after the knowledge-oriented universities as first generation university, and research-oriented universities as the second generation university, focuses on entrepreneurship and wealth creation, he said.

Entrepreneurship, soft skills, interactions and affections are some skills, which should be learned by the university students during their education, he said.

The universities should encourage students to be creative in finding solutions for problems instead of insisting on mere memorization, Movahhedi explained.

The third generation university should not only focus on education and research but also establish connection with industry in order to cover their expenses independently, he said.

Students should learn social and economic skills besides technical ones, he added.

In all parts of the world, the essentiality in third generation university is to present the information produced by providing university-industry cooperation for the use as a patent or technology to industry/market. There is a tendency for the third generation university, in other words for an effective providing university-industry cooperation in the world.


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