Iran supports knowledge-based companies dealing with environmental issues

July 4, 2018 - 8:48

TEHRAN – The science and technology vice presidency supports knowledge-based companies which are dealing with water crisis and environmental issues as they transform technology from universities and research centers to projects, said an official at the science and technology vice presidency.

About 3,000 knowledge-based companies are active in Iran, however, only 50 companies are working in the field of water, agriculture and drought, Nader-Qoli Ebrahimi said, Mehr reported.

“We should encourage anyone who has idea and solution for water crisis and environmental issue to attend or establish knowledge-based companies in order to solve these problem,” he added.

He said that the vice presidency plans to encourage students of master’s degree and PhD to write their thesis on the theme of water crisis and environmental issues.

“In this way, they meet the technological needs of their country and establish connection between university and administration,” he added.

In addition, some job opportunities are created for university students to continue their activities in incubation centers and science parks, he concluded.


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