Iran to rank healthy agricultural products

July 25, 2018 - 9:1

TEHRAN -- The Biotechnology Development Council of science and technology vice presidency plans to rank healthy agricultural products through 12 stages, Tasnim reported.

The project is entitled Healthy Product Network, which is known by the Persian acronym “SHAMS” and has already 150 members.

The products are evaluated by different licenses that they can obtained through different stages of testing.

Different signs like ISO and Institute of Standards & Industrial Research of Iran can introduce products to the costumers.

According to World Economic Forum, the agricultural sector presents key opportunities for improving nutrition and health. But this connection is often not given due attention, despite parallel initiatives across the three sectors.

The potential impacts of agricultural activities on health and nutrition extend across a number of channels. One area of impact is household ability to produce, purchase and consume more, better and cheaper food.


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