23 percent of mobile app developers in Iran are women

July 31, 2018 - 11:22

TEHRAN – Women make up 48 percent of internet users, 45 percent of cellphone users, and 23 percent of mobile app developers in Iran, Telecommunications Minister Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi said here on Sunday.

Women’s fundamental role in society has been proven all through history, the minister told a congress on Women’s Empowerment through ICT, Mehr reported.
He said women have always been playing a key in resolving problems faced by human being.

Worldwide, women make up a great number of entrepreneurs and politicians, the minister said, emphasizing that women’s role cannot be ignored because women are the caring leaders of the society.

Azari Jahromi said currently a number of 10 women are serving as senior managers in his ministry, adding in today's world “no single engine” can lead to progress.

Azari Jahromi put emphasis on gender equality, noting that gender equality is for all people and dividing the society into men and women is “nonsense”.

“It is our duty to fulfill gender equality and the ICT technology has provided the capacity for women to interact with others all around the world through social networks,” Azari Jahromi, the youngest Iranian cabinet minister, specified.

Women’ general contribution to information technology will help counter many social harms, the minister noted, adding presence of women in society is an opportunity rather than a threat.

Women can play key role to solve cultural and social problems, he concluded.


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