Moscow ready to send second nuclear fuel batch to Iran

August 18, 2018 - 21:39

The Russian Foreign Ministry in a statement on Friday announced that the second nuclear fuel consignment is ready to be sent back to Iran.

Russia consistently continues to implement its commitments under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the statement said, according to IRNA. 

“The Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation is carrying out a series of projects designed to ensure compliance with the terms of the JCPOA,” it said.
The ministry announced a high-tech Russian-Iranian project on reconfiguring two centrifuge cascades is successfully being implemented at a former uranium enrichment plant at Fordo with the aim of producing stable isotopes which will be used for industrial and medical purposes. 

The statement said, “Fuel stockpiles with enrichment levels of up to 20 percent for the Tehran Research Reactor are being stored in Russia.”

“They are being returned to Iran in batches of under 5 kg at Iran’s request and after receiving confirmation from the IAEA that all JCPOA prerequisites outlined for doing so have been met. The first batch was transferred to Iran in early 2017. Preparations are underway to send a second batch,” the ministry added.
In addition, Russia has confirmed its willingness to assist Iran, on an as-needed basis, in managing the surplus low-enriched uranium, the reserves of which are not to exceed 300 kg in Iran.

“We are also providing various types of assistance in implementing Annex III to the JCPOA, which contains a list of specific areas of cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran for the peaceful use of atomic energy.”

Underlining its pledges on the landmark nuclear deal, the ministry said, “We reiterate our decisive commitment to take all the necessary measures to preserve and fully implement the JCPOA.”

“The above cooperation with Iran is being carried out strictly in accordance with the JCPOA terms and UN Security Council Resolution 2231 and under full IAEA control,” the statement asserted. 

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