Relief foundation creates jobs for over 600,000 underprivileged families

October 7, 2018 - 21:45

TEHRAN – Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation has generated jobs for some 625,000 financially struggling families since the Iranian calendar year of 1390 (March 2011-March 2012), the foundation’s deputy head has said.

“Last year, some 136,000 business plans have been launched, which have led to the employment of 170,000 individuals under coverage of the Foundation,” Mehr quoted Ali Akbar Khademi as saying on Sunday.

In recent years, the Foundation has been identified as the country's top job generating organization, he said, adding that some 625,000 families living in underprivileged areas have been provided with jobs over the past seven years.

The foundation grants budget for job facilitation to the financially struggling individual after major assessments, as well as talent testing, examination of psychological characteristics which are conducted under the supervision of experts, he said, adding that the individuals will be under supervision for 3-5 years until reaches to a minimum acceptable standard of income.


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