Charity creates 34,000 jobs for the underprivileged within 6 months

October 21, 2018 - 20:24

TEHRAN – Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation has generated over 34,000 job opportunities for the deprived individuals in the first six months of the current [Iranian calendar] year (March 21- September 22), an official with the Foundation has said.

In the first half of the year, 28,700 business plans were implemented, which had opened 34,400 employment opportunities for the people under the foundation coverage, Tasnim quoted Hojatollah Abdolmaleki as saying on Sunday.

To generate this number of job opportunities, a total of 5.4 trillion rials (nearly $130 million) have been paid, which is partially provided by loans and the Foundation fund amounted to 3.6 trillion rials (about $88 million) and 1.7 trillion rials ($41 million), respectively.

So far, numerous business plans worth of 2.7 billion rials ($642 million) have been registered in the system, of which, some 1.5 billion rials (about $357 million) have been referred to the banks to be granted loans, however, some 310 billion rials (about $7 million) have been paid out.

Moreover, in the aforementioned period, 3,800 job opportunities provided to individuals under the Foundation coverage through employment agencies due to the high quality training courses offered by the Foundation, he concluded.


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