By Hanif Ghaffari

Shooting at democracy with British silencer!

November 2, 2018 - 13:37

Once someone asked Churchill:  "Mr. Prime Minister! Why do you go far away to the other side of Indian Ocean to make a colonial state, but you can't do it here, that is, in Ireland? "

Winston Churchill responded after a moment of reflection;
"To do this, we need two important factors. Those we don't have in Ireland: One is "the ignorant majority", and the other is the "traitorous minority."
Now we're in 2018! The BBC and other sources afflicted with the Royal family are strongly maneuvering against the Brexit and withdrawal from the European Union. On the other hand, the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, has announced that 95% of the withdrawal process has taken place. The same thing has led to false excitement among the opposing groups, since they wish to change the whole process within their country before the game ends! Regarding British exit from the European Union and the Theresa May government's approach, there are some points that need to be taken into consideration:

- Since the 2016 referendum, the two major parties in Britain, Conservative and Labor, attempted to magnify the negative consequences of British withdrawal from the EU, and thus put the vote of British citizens under question. In other words, the British authorities tried to provide the ground for changing the mind of their citizens through an indirect data management. In this regard, there was a direct partnership between some British politicians like Tony Blair and Theresa May. "Brexit" is one of the few projects in the UK that both the incumbent government and the government in the shadow are opposed to. Hence, directing the public to oppose the departure of Britain from the EU is quite expectable!

- Regarding the Brexit, we see that the British politicians, both governmental and non-governmental, are making use of "reverse engineering" in order to achieve their goal (which is remaining as part of the United Europe). In this process, we begin from answer and move towards question. This rule now applies to the Brexit. The British authorities have stabilized the answer in the minds of British citizens; "The consequences of leaving EU will hit us hard". And now they're trying to come to this question the; "Regarding the disastrous consequences of leaving the EU, is it necessary to realize the Brexit"?

-The reports and numbers released by governmental institutions over the past two years in Britain, all contain warnings for the British economy (if separated from the European Union). These warnings delivered by social and political institutions affiliated with the two Conservative and Labor Parties have also affected the public opinion to a great extent.

-The British authorities, just like Churchill, demand the formation and management of the "ignorant majority" and "traitorous minority", this time in their own country. The traitorous minority's duty is clear in this regard! The traitorous minority are those who, based on the orders of the British government and security agencies, acted against the British citizens' vote since 2016, and intend to prevent their country from leaving the EU through suppressing the referendum results. On the other hand, the official institutions in the UK are trying to turn the "aware majority" into the "ignorant majority" so that they can achieve their pre-determined goals regarding the Brexit.

-In this equation, the European Union officials are cooperating with British leaders. The European officials are repeatedly announcing that the Brexit negotiations are fertile, and that serious doubts has raised regarding the British withdrawal from the European Union.

-British and European politicians are attempting to convince their citizens about the "difficult and costly exit from the EU", and on the other hand, they mention about the "easy remain" in this block. Hence, in the past two years, some Western politicians have raised the issue of the possibility of holding another referendum, and even beyond that, the possibility of Britain remaining as part of the United Europe. 

The prime minister of Malta, Josef Muscat, recently said that the Brexit will not eventually happen! Previously, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who is also one of the main opposition voices in England, explicitly stated that it would not be possible to separate Britain from the EU! These remarks aren't mentioned without a purpose.

 The British authorities know well that for the first step in forming the "ignorant majority" in their country, "impossible propositions" should become "possible", and then be realized. Obviously, at the current time, we face the clear betrayal by English officials over the 2016 referendum. However, in "shooting at democracy", Theresa May and her companions never forget to use a perfect" silencer"! They intend to set the stage in such a way that, ultimately, the "British public opinion" plays the role of "claimant" and "state" as "obedient" regarding the Brexit. This plan by the British authorities to set this scene once again reveals their deceptive nature.

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