Women make up greater share of electronic health records

November 19, 2018

TEHRAN – Women hold a greater share than men of forming electronic health records (EHR), said the deputy health minister, Mohammad Shariati, here on Monday.

EHR is a record of medical and health information saved electronically, Shariati said adding EHR is used in different parts of medical and health system in order to integrating the health information, improve health services and develop the management of the health system. 

Out of about 55 million and 300 thousand Electronic Health Records registered in the health sector, 26 million and 500 thousand cases belong to men and 28 million and 800 thousand cases refer to women.

Emphasizing on availability of health services both for men and women in health centers, Shariati reiterated that there is a wrong belief in our society that there exists less service for men in the health centers.

The higher the level of people's literacy is, there would be more reference to health centers and formation of electronic health records, said the official.

A number of 700,000 people refer to urban and rural health centers every day and their information is registered in EHR.


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