Women play major role in water, environmental planning

December 17, 2018

TEHRAN – Women play a great role in planning to address water and environmental problems, Molood Shiva, advisor to the energy minister for women’s and family affairs said here on Saturday.

Women have played an effective role in water supplying and water projects all over the world, Fars quoted Shiva, speaking at the congress titled “zero point water”. 

Due to population growth, all water resources were consumed inefficiently, she added.

Water, food and energy are three sides of a triangle which together lead to humanity’s survival, Shiva said, noting that women are managers of water, food and energy and a determinative in this triangle.

“Women also play active role in agriculture. They also play a role in changing the pattern of farming in agriculture.”

Since women accompany their family in different situations, one of the most profitable trainings in the world is education for women, the official said.

Naturally women are more sensitive toward the environment and water, she emphasized.

Unions and associations formed by women have always been able to increase the speed of projects, Shiva concluded.


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