Iranian researchers achieve formula of anti-cancer drug

January 5, 2019 - 22:57

TEHRAN- Iranian researchers at Urmia University gained the technical knowledge to produce the anti-cancer drug, Busulfan. 

Busulfan, also known by its brand names Myleran or Busilvex, is a chemotherapy drug used before a stem cell transplant to treat blood cancers. It may also be used to treat other blood-related disorders and cancers. 

“The drug is majorly supplied only by USA and France. Currently, it is imported into the country and is quite expensive and hard to get,” ISNA quoted the research director, Dr. Nader Norouzi, as saying on Friday.

According to Norouzi, the Health Ministry had asked the universities and research centers to manufacture 160 vital medicines and Busulfan was one of them, which now can be produced locally and with high purity. 

“We expect the Health Ministry to issue the necessary permits so that we can run the necessary laboratory and clinical tests for quality control of the drug and manufacture it in large quantities,” Norouzi added. 

“Last year, the drug’s price was set at 6 million rials (about $142) by State Welfare Organization but if we can manufacture it locally, its price will be lowered to around 2 million rials (about $47),” he noted.


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