By Alexis Bandrich Vega, Cuba’s ambassador to Tehran

Note on the 40th anniversary of the Islamic revolution

February 6, 2019 - 19:54

The massive mobilizations that will take place these days in different parts of the Iranian geography will show the majority support of the people to its Islamic Revolution, which put an end to the dictatorial monarchy of Shah Reza Pahlavi backed by the United States, and materialized the desire to establish an independent republican and Islamic system.

 The rejection of any interference in the internal affairs of the country and the threatening policies of the White House and its allies, which slow down their development and seek to foment unrest and instability in the noble and hospitable Persian people with illusion, rises these days to provoke a "regime change". Iran does not need "a lot of support from the US. at the appropriate time "as promised by the President of that country.

History has shown that when more pressures are submitted to a country, more energetic efforts are made to defend its independence, its sovereignty and self-determination, to defend its right to development and justice for its people.

The Joint Comprehensive Action Plan between Tehran and the 5 + 1 Group established a series of limitations on the Iranian nuclear program to exclude its hypothetical military dimension in exchange for the lifting of international sanctions. But no ordinance was lifted, and in fact new sanctions were imposed during the short-lived and unconstructive permanence of the US. within the Agreement. His departure from it was an offense to International Law, to the will of the rest of the signatories and the Security Council of the United Nations, to the efforts to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons, to international disarmament and peace. However, these realities have not dented the spirit or the will of the Iranians.

After the Islamic Revolution triumphed in 1979, Commander in Chief Fidel Castro indicated to establish bilateral relations with this nation and these have been strengthening and increasing with the passing of the years.

We know that the revolutionaries of the Islamic Republic of Iran have carefully followed the history of Cuba, they know the thoughts of José Martí, of Che and of course of Fidel.

The revolutions of both peoples have several points in common and one of the most important axes of similarity is their anti-imperialism. Both countries have been subjected to cruel sanctions, blockades and terrorist attacks. Both peoples have had to resist, and at the same time have achieved important achievements and victories in different sectors such as education, health, science, and culture, internationally recognized.

As Fidel expressed during his visit to Iran in 2001 "against Iran, as against Cuba, the United States has not been able to use its gigantic military, technological and media apparatus, because they have lost the battle of ideas and ethics".

Before the tomb of Imam Khomeini, Fidel honored the man who knew how to defeat "the most powerful and best armed gendarme of the empire".
Today the atmosphere of war and the danger of it spreading is very high, aggravated by the irresponsibility of the US, and its allies, who believe that they can escape unscathed from any adventure.

The United States of America is desperate at the loss of power and with this the ability to dispose of the resources of the world at his ease. It is in a rampant race to recover spaces, resources and influences. Its current administration has opened confrontation fronts practically in all regions of the planet, stirring up conflicts that can have incalculable consequences, of which they will not escape either.

As part of the celebration of National Unity Day, I would like to convey on behalf of the people and the Government of Cuba the most sincere congratulations to the Iranian people and Government, and reiterate our support and admiration for their firm will to defend their homeland, its culture of persistence and resistance.
Eternal glory to the martyrs and heroes of the Islamic Revolution of Iran

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