First public laser therapy clinic for skin conditions opens in Tehran  

April 29, 2019 - 9:1

TEHRAN- The first public laser therapy clinic for treating burns and skin diseases opened on Wednesday at Hazrat-e Fatemeh Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery hospital in Tehran. 

Hazrat-e Fatemeh is a teaching hospital that is part of Iran University of Medical Sciences. 

According to the hospital’s chief medical officer, Nurahmad Latifi, many hospitals in Iran are already providing patients with laser therapy but this is the first and only laser therapy clinic that belongs to the public sector, Fars news agency reported. 

Meanwhile, Jalil kuhpayehzadeh, the president of Iran University of Medical Sciences, announced that setting up the hospital costs around 20 billion rials (around $715,000). 

He further noted that the clinic is also an educational center where medical students can receive specialized training. 

According to World Health Organization, skin diseases in developing countries have a serious impact on people’s quality of life, causing lost productivity at work and school, and discrimination due to disfigurement. Skin changes may also indicate the presence of more serious diseases that need treatment.


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