Iran celebrates cuisine at Tbilisi festival

May 6, 2019 - 20:23

TEHRAN – On May 5, a group of Iranian exhibitors offered various Iranian tea, honey, herbal ingredients and cuisine at a Tbilisi festival, where food fans were able to savor local tastes from all over the country.

Georgia Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze, his fellow colleagues, and a number of international diplomats were attending the event, IRNA reported.

Organized under the auspices of Iran’s cultural office in Tbilisi, the gastronomy festival also featured live performances by Iranian traditional troupes from northern Iran.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Bakhtadze said the goal of the festival is to develop agricultural industry and tourism, to familiarize participants with the food culture of domestic and foreign producers, and to establish cultural and social interactions between the citizens of different countries.

Iranian cultural attaché Hamid Mostafavi, for his part, said that organizing such annual festivals provides an opportunity for cultural exchange and sharing experiences and knowledge of different local and international communities.

“Dishes, drinks and food habits of the people of a region constitute parts of their cultural heritage. And many of countries in the region, particularly Iran and Georgia, have strong similarities in that regard, which is rooted in common culture and neighborliness,” Mostafavi explained.

“Food can be considered as a communicational tool that links fellows of cultural or ethnic groups of different countries,” he added.

The Iranian cuisine, usually dominated with fragrant herbs, varies from region to region. It principally accentuates freshness, deliciousness, and colorfulness.


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