Restoration underway on Mulla Sadra’s home in Kahak

May 8, 2019

TEHRAN- On a day in the 17th century in Iran’s Kahak, one might have heard the mellow tone of Mulla Sadra teaching his pupils at his home, where it is now teemed with sounds of hammering or the scraping of paint to be restored in honor of the influential Iranian philosopher.

The project comprises rooftop insulation, vault solidification, crafting, plastering and roofing, a provincial official Hamid Yazdani said on Wednesday, IRIB reported. 

Mulla Ṣadra, also called Sadr-ol-Mote’allehin (born c. 1571, Shiraz, Iran—died 1640, Basra, Iraq) is commonly regarded by Iranians as the greatest philosopher their country has produced.

Expounding his theory of nature, Mulla Sadra argued that the entire universe—except God and his Knowledge—was originated both eternally as well as temporally. Nature, he asserted, is the substance of all things and is the cause for all movement. Thus, nature is permanent and furnishes the continuing link between the eternal and the originated.


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