Iran, Pakistan to hold talks over IP gas pipeline by early June

May 13, 2019 - 19:52

TEHRAN – A high-ranking Iranian delegation is due to visit Islamabad in near future to discuss the stalled Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project (known as IP), Mehr news agency reported on Monday, citing Pakistani daily Express Tribune.

As reported, according to Managing Director of Interstate Gas Company, Mobin Saulat, the Iranian delegation will visit Pakistan by early June, however, “the final date will be decided after receiving a reply from Iran.” 

“The talks will be held on a technical level,” the official said, adding that Pakistan had signed the pipeline agreement with Iran and wanted the project to be completed.

Earlier this month, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said Pakistan is determined on completing the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline known as IP pipeline.

“Coordinating with the Islamic Republic of Iran, Pakistan will take the necessary steps to complete the IP gas pipeline project.” Khan said.

The official also called on Pakistani Foreign Ministry for taking necessary measures to solve the issues regarding the project through mutual understanding and reconciliation.

Near 20 years after the initiation of talks over the peace gas pipeline, beginning as the Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline project, and despite the fact that Iran has completed its part of the pipeline in its territory, Pakistan has fallen behind the target to take delivery of gas, initially scheduled for 2014.

Pakistan blames U.S. sanctions on Iran as the main hurdle in the way of the IP project completion.

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