Top MP: Tehran-Washington disputes cannot be mediated

June 2, 2019 - 20:10

TEHRAN – Chairman of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee Heshmatollah Falahatpisheh believes that the disagreements between Iran and the United States cannot be mediated.

“I believe that Iran-U.S. ties cannot be mediated. Many U.S. issues and differences [with Iran] are clear and there are no taboos for negotiations,” ISNA on Sunday quoted Falahatpisheh as saying.

Noting that the conditions are not ripe for talks with Washington, he said, “Trump is under severe pressure by the hardliners.”

“Trump and the hardliners in his administration are after disgracing the Iranian nation and this is unacceptable in the eyes of our people,” he stated.

Referring to visits by other countries’ officials to Iran in recent weeks, the senior MP said they are “worried about the region and their own countries. They know that any tension will engulf the whole region. Therefore, they naturally try to play a mediatory role.”

He went on to say that U.S. officials are moving in an unrealistic direction and that the Iranian leaders will not reveal their real decision in the current circumstances. 

“So when they (Americans) abandon these psychological warfare and enter the actual atmosphere, other decisions will be adopted [by Iran].”

The anti-Iran remarks of the U.S. President rise from his anger since the Iranian nation has not given in to pressures, Falahatpisheh pointed out. 

“The Iranian people have adapted themselves to the new conditions and reached many achievements, such as a two-fold increase in non-oil exports and also a boom in domestic production. Of course, there are some shortcomings but the ultimate result is that Trump is not happy with current conditions.”

Back in May 2018, U.S. President Donald Trump pulled the U.S. out of the JCPOA and ordered sanctions on Iran. This happened despite the fact that the IAEA had issued numerous reports, confirming Tehran’s full commitment to the multinational agreement. 

A year after the U.S. withdrawal, the Supreme National Security Council issued a statement declaring partial suspension of Iran’s undertakings under the JCPOA. The SNSC said if the remaining parties to the pact fail to reach an agreement to remedy for the sanctions, Iran will take the next steps. The ultimatum is for two months.


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