Iran will enrich uranium as much as it needs, cleric says

July 5, 2019 - 20:10

TEHRAN – Tehran Friday prayer leader Ayatollah Mohammad-Ali Movahedi Kermani says Iran will enrich uranium to any level and in any quantity it needs starting from July 7.

“Iran will continue its enrichment. However, our enrichment is not for atomic bomb because we neither regard it ethical nor do we need it,” Movahedi Kermani told worshippers in Tehran.

President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that the Arak heavy water nuclear reactor – which was agreed to be redesigned under the JCPOA – will resume its previous activities after July 7 if the other signatories to the deal fail to uphold their end of the bargain.

Rouhani added Tehran will abandon this commitment and will increase the enrichment level to the level required.


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