Iran’s power has driven enemy into despair, says military chief

August 21, 2019 - 19:21

TEHRAN – Iran’s power has reached a level that it has driven the enemy into despair, says Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri, the Armed Forces Chief of Staff.

In remarks on Wednesday, Baqeri said Iran has emerged as an invincible power on the world stage, Mehr reported.

Such level of capability and readiness is a prelude to further unfolding of the Islamic Republic’s power before the eyes of other nations, he added.

On Monday, General Baqeri said the Islamic Republic, under the leadership of Ayatollah Khamenei, continues to advance in the path of creating an “Islamic civilization” with all power and deep understanding of the current circumstances.

He said despite all the conspiracies, including the imposed war (Iraq’s war against Iran in the 1980s) and all the acts of sabotage and insecurity in Iran by the enemies, the country is at the peak of its power.

He also pointed to the release of the Iranian-operated Adrian Darya 1 supertanker, which was seized by British marines in the Strait of Gibraltar last month, saying it demonstrated the Islamic Republic’s power at the international level.

“The shooting down of an invading U.S. spy drone, the seizure of the violating British oil tanker, and last but not least, the release of our country’s tanker in Gibraltar, prove the fact that the Islamic Revolution strongly continues on its path to achieve its noble ideals,” the general remarked.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Baqeri slammed the efforts launched by the U.S. to form a coalition and hatch new plots in the Persian Gulf, saying such efforts have already failed.

The top commander further said the efforts were aimed to lay siege on the Islamic Republic and undermine its power in the region.

Baqeri’s comments came after the White House announced plans to create a new security initiative in the Persian Gulf by forming a coalition for escorting commercial ships.

However, Washington’s call to form the coalition has fallen on deaf ears. So far, only Britain, Australia and Bahrain have agreed to join the coalition.

On Tuesday, IRGC Navy Chief Rear Admiral Alireza Tangsiri said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran stands firm against trans-regional countries and enemies entering the Persian Gulf to create instability and insecurity in the region.” 

“The regional countries know that Iran has extended the hand of brotherhood and friendship towards Islamic nations and countries, and the alliance and escort of the vessels cannot interfere in the major mission of the Guards which is to provide security,” Tangsiri added.


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