Iranian product cuts agricultural water usage by half

September 2, 2019 - 19:20

TEHRAN- Researchers at the International University of Imam Khomeini have manufactured a product, capable of reducing water consumption in farms by 20 to 50 percent.

Due to the fact that high water usage in the agricultural industry is one of the biggest problems facing the country, the Iranian researchers have made the product known as the “flow control valve for reducing water usage,” IRNA reported on Monday, citing the vice-presidency for science and technology. 

This product has passed the conventional testing procedures and has proven that when applied to the irrigation systems, it is capable of reducing water usage by 20 to 50 percent.

One of the problems with the modern irrigation systems that are currently being used is the uneven water distribution which causes loss of water, but with the above mentioned invention, water is distributed evenly throughout farms.

Iran, located in an arid and semi-arid area, is facing water shortage due to low precipitation amounts and climate change coupled with shortsighted managerial decisions.

The chief of the Department of Environment Issa Kalantari said in August 2018 that the government must tell the people the truth about water shortage as a serious challenge the country is facing.

“People need to know the truth about the environmental issues, as if they know, their actions will be hundreds more efficient than the government,” he said.

Using water more sensibly is one of the most effective factors in preventing environmental degradation, he added.

Meanwhile, Saeed Pourali, an Iranian professor of cross-cultural environment management at the Phoenix University, said in July 2018 that considering the current situation, discussing water management and finding solutions is required more than ever.

If water scarcity is not resolved urgently, its impacts will soon bring heavier and irreparable damage to all sectors in the country, he stated, warning the harmful consequences caused by lack of proper planning would gradually affect the entire country.

“According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, agricultural water usage in Iran is 22 percent above the global average while water productivity [crop yield per cubic meter of water consumption] is one-third of world average”, he said, adding, “In other words, the agricultural sector generates about 10 percent of the country's gross domestic product, but consuming 92 percent of the country's fresh water”. 


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