By Fatemeh Salehi

Wicker image of Israel with dummy soldiers

September 6, 2019 - 13:41

TEHRAN - The successful missile attack of Hezbollah against the Zionist regime’s soldiers over past few days from Lebanon toward the occupied territories has continued to attract the attention of Arab and international media outlets since it has broad aspects and there are important messages in this operation in view of Hassan Nasrallah’s words.

The operation is very significant in terms of targets, time and location because Nasrallah had not spoken before responding to the Zionist regime’s aggression and martyrdom of two Hezbollah resistance forces in Syria, which caused anxiety among the Zionists.

Removing military patrols and settlements from the front lines in the occupied territories was conducted in a way that was unprecedented in the history of the conflict with the Zionist regime, and this very tangible withdrawal of Israeli troops is significant.

During this successful operation, in which a number of Israeli soldiers were targeted, officials in Tel Aviv attempted to downplay its importance by creating a psychological warfare, and falsely claiming that there were no casualties.

After the operation, Netanyahu appeared in front of cameras with a smile on his face, trying to be calm and claimed that not even one Israeli soldier was scratched!

Subsequently, images were published showing the transfer of wounded soldiers to a hospital in Haifa. After the release of the images, the Israelis claimed that it was staged and soldiers are well in these images, and that they had been given fake blood to make Hezbollah forces think they had injured some of the soldiers!

The Israeli media and officials have not been content with this ridiculous psychological and media warfare about Hezbollah’s operation and have subsequently stated that the vehicle targeted by the Hezbollah missile was in fact empty. Some Israeli media outlets and officials also claimed that dummies and mannequins were placed in the vehicle instead of soldiers, and that Hezbollah targeted Israeli dummies!

Placing the dummies instead of soldiers, even if true, suggests the Israeli army’s fear of Hezbollah’s threats.

The most important messages of the operation can be found in the words of the Hezbollah leader. He said: Resistance was performed in broad daylight and near the borders, while their drones were in the sky, and we did not deliberately carry out the operations at night. Resistance has targeted the depth of the enemy. We stabilized the deterrence equation and told Netanyahu who wanted to change the rules of conflict and that there is no more red line.

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