Anadolu: Iran reiterates peaceful settlement of Turkey’s security concerns in Syria 

October 22, 2019 - 19:41

TEHRAN – The Iranian Foreign Minister spokesman in an exclusive interview with Turkey’s state-run Anadolu news agency has voiced Tehran’s opposition to any military incursion into northern Syria, saying diplomatic path is the best way possible for Ankara to allay security concerns.

“Iran has been an influential country in the Astana meeting on (Syria) and has also been one of the guarantors of ceasefire in the war-hit country. Iran has been playing positive role in de-escalation of tensions too,” Seyed Abbas Mousavi said, Anadolu reported on Tuesday. 

“We asked the brother and neighboring country of Turkey to refrain from exercising military solution (to end security concerns in northern Syria),” he further said. 

“Iran does not believe in resorting to military operations in such cases. We believe in seeking peaceful settlement of difference via dialogue and understanding. We tried to remove differences among all sides,” Mousavi said in response to a question about his country’s role in recent developments in northern Syria. 

The spokesman pointed to the announcement by Geir Pedersen, the special envoy of the UN secretary general for Syria, saying, “The first meeting of constitutional committee will be held on October 30.”  

Mousavi voiced Iran’s full support for the committee and said, “We hope the regional developments (including Turkey’s military incursion into northern Syria) would not have negative impacts on the issue (constitutional committee). We hope the committee can be a preliminary step for basic measures in diplomatic trend of settling crisis in Syria.”

He added, “Territorial integrity and national sovereignty of the countries should be respected. Iran will do any effort which it recognizes as a positive move to lessen tensions, Turkey’s (security) concerns and meantime to materialize whatever that will benefit the Syrian government and people. We try to make (different) views closer.”


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