Naxos Records releases Ali Rahbari’s second volume of “My Mother Persia”

November 4, 2019 - 18:14

TEHRAN – Naxos Records, a Hong Kong-based German record label specializing in classical music, has released the second volume of “My Mother Persia” by Iranian composer Ali Rahbari.

Vocalist Mohammad Motamedi has collaborated with Rahbari in this project, which has been recorded by the Antalya State Symphony live in a concert.
“I dedicated the first symphonic poem named ‘World without War’ to my master musician Hossein Dehlavi,” Rahbari, the former conductor of the Tehran Symphony Orchestra, told the Persian service of MNA on Monday. 

Celebrated composer Dehlavi, who was mostly famous for “Sabokbal”, “Bijan and Manijeh” and many other compositions that connect traditional Iranian music with Western classical music, died in October at the age of 92.

“I have dedicated ‘In Love with the World’ selected from Sadi’s poetry to the prominent musician and composer Ruhollah Khaleqi and ‘The Hymn of My Mother Persia’ by Mohammad-Farid Nasseri has been dedicated to legendary vocalist Mohammadreza Shajarian,” he added.

Symphonic poem “Arabization” has also been dedicated to maestro Mostafa-Kamal Purtorab.

“‘My Mother Persia’ is a cycle of eight symphonic poems by Rahbari. His music utilizes the lavish sound world of the symphony orchestra but contains many of the essential elements, scales, rhythms and colors of Iranian music,” Naxos Records has said in an introduction to the album. 
The first volume of “My Mother Persia” was released on July 12 and was warmly received in different countries. 

The first album features melodies and improvisations in Iranian traditional styles, including a violin concerto entitled “Nohe Khan” by soloist Paula Rahbari, as well as “Mother’s Tears” and “Children’s Prayer”.

The Prague Metropolitan Orchestra and the Antalya State Symphony collaborated with Rahbari on the first album.

Photo: Cover of “My Mother Persia Vol. 2”. 


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