Aq-Gol wetland hosts flocks of migratory birds

November 18, 2019 - 18:41

TEHRAN – Aq-Gol wetland in west-central province of Hamedan is filled with water due to heavy rainfall and now plays host to flocks of migratory birds once again.

Last year, the wetland was dried and migratory birds refused to land in the area, IRNA quoted Mehdi Safi Khani, provincial department of environment deputy chief, as saying on Monday.

However, above-normal precipitation covered the wetland with water and caused the migratory birds to fly their wings to the area, he stated.

The wetland has become one of the bird wintering ground for birds due to favorable water resources and nutrition, which welcomes a number of migratory bird species, he said, adding, it is mainly frequented by water birds including ducks, heron, goose, cormorant, crane, Eurasian teal, and avocet. 

Some of them nest in the area and spend the whole winter there, while some others migrate to south after a short period, he noted.

DOE forces constantly monitor the area and pursue any illegal hunting or probable disease breakout, he highlighted, concluding, “To prevent poaching, we increased the number of forces in the region.”

Aq-Gol wetland stretching to 600 hectares, provides an eye-catching view and offers an ideal condition for waterfowls such as, flamingos, ducks, geese, storks, common shelduck, gulls and etc.


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