Iran summons Swiss envoy over U.S. meddlesome statements 

November 20, 2019 - 19:2

TEHRAN – The Foreign Ministry on Wednesday summoned Switzerland’s Ambassador to Tehran Markus Leitner whose country represents the U.S. interests in Iran. 

Leitner received Tehran’s official protest about the U.S. government’s interference in the internal affairs of Iran.

The Swiss diplomat was summoned after U.S. State Secretary Mike Pompeo voiced support for the rioters who have taken advantage of the protests in a number of Iranian cities over a hike in the price of subsidized gasoline in recent days.

Pompeo tweeted on Saturday, “As I said to the people of Iran almost a year and a half ago: The United States is with you.”

Though the government has increased petrol price it has said all the proceeds from the price increase will be paid in form of cash subsidy to 60 million Iranians, which account for about 75 percent of the population. 

Despite the increase, Iran has still has the cheapest petrol in the world. 

Hooligans took advantage of the protest over price rise to do sabotage acts in some cities, attacking security forces and putting banks and state buildings on ablaze.


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