Domestic production saves Iran over €400m in 6 months

December 15, 2019 - 14:43

TEHRAN- Iranian Industry, Mining and Trade Minister Reza Rahmani said that relying on domestic production has saved €412 million for the country over the past six months in which six desks have been held on the matter, IRNA reported.

Speaking in a meeting of the ministry’s council of deputies on Saturday, Rahmani said the mentioned desks are focused on automotive, petrochemicals, mining, electricity, electronics and telecommunications industries.

The official also noted that preparations have been made for holding seven more desks for promoting domestic production in the fields of electricity, electronics and telecommunications, petrochemicals, home appliances, utilities, rail and auto industries which will save the country another €490 million.

Improving and boosting domestic production has been one of the major strategies that Iran has been following in the past two years in order to increase its independence.

To this end, Iranian government has put supporting domestic producers atop agenda in the current year.

In late November, Rahmani had said that relying on domestic production will save $10 billion for the country in the next two years.

Speaking in a ceremony on indigenizing production of telecommunications equipment, the minister said that of the mentioned $10 billion, some $500 million is predicted to be earned through domestic production of telecommunications equipment, and $400 million via indigenizing production of car parts, of which $300 million has been already achieved.

“Today, all available potentials and capacities in the country are being used to materialize the target of domestic production and the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade will spare no effort in this due”, Rahmani further emphasized.

He said the country aims to produce electrical, automobile and telecommunications goods and double exports to 15 neighboring countries in order to reach a target value of $48 billion.

Back in October, Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said government officials should ban the import of goods that are also produced domestically.


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