Tourism and Iran’s Transition Economy

December 29, 2019 - 14:20

All over the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia, the vast potential of tourism is being explored. Iran needs to do the same to shift away from oil dependency since globally; we are moving towards a greener economy. Governments and businesses are not only declaring a commitment to sustainable models of operation but are actively implementing national-level strategies to coordinate this transition.

Tourism creates new jobs and opportunities, generates foreign exchange and currencies, and helps the local market. The evolution in tourism with the rise of ecotourism (ecological conservation and educating travelers), and sustainable tourism (trying to make a positive impact on the environment, society, and economy) is helping the ecosystem, mother nature, and travelers as well as people involved in tourism. Eco and sustainable tourism also help to protect natural attractions, historical monuments and even maintain better city infrastructures.

By 2022, it is anticipated that Tourism will account for 328 million jobs, 1 in every ten jobs on the planet. In 2018, Dubai was the fourth most visited city in the world, with 16.6 million visitors, after Bangkok, London, and Paris. A total of 2,030,523 tourists visited Iran during the first quarter of the current Iranian year (March 21-June 21) to register a 41% growth compared with 1,443,551 inbound tourists during the same period of last year. The numbers are great, but there’s a lot of room for improvement.

What is Termeh Travel?
Termeh Travel is an online platform that provides full services for Iran’s incoming tourists.
It was launched in 2019, and since then has become one of the most popular Iranian travel platforms among Westerners and the people of Southeast Asia. Based in Isfahan, the city of turquoise domes, they are located in the heart of Iran’s tourism and can be reached for face to face interactions by everyone that visits this important city.

Founded by young travelers, creative artists, and professional web developers, Termeh Travel is trying to make the process of coming to Iran easier than ever. Their ultimate goal is to use the never-ending historical, natural, and cultural potentials of Iran to make their homeland the number one attraction in the middle east and, hopefully, the world.

Termeh Travel offers everything that an incoming tourist needs. Their Iran Visa page consists of three primary sections. Iran Visa’s assistant tool, which helps in the process of visa application and provides useful information, based on the nationality of the customer. Online Iran Visa application system that you can use to apply for Iran Visa after filling a simple form and a tracking page that shows if your visa is granted. They also provide travelers with Travel Insurance, Transportations, Accommodations, Iran Debit cards, and, last but not least, Iran tours and packages.

What Makes Termeh Travel Different?

We can find the answer in their numerous feedbacks on review websites. 
Every customer says the same thing about Termeh Travel in their own language, accent, and way. Termeh Travel Cares! Their support team is working 24/7 to guarantee customer satisfaction, and their reasonable prices are almost impossible to beat. 

They create tailor-made tours based on the customer’s preferences, and professional experts and plenty of research have shaped their sophisticated tour packages. Termeh Travel website has a convenient, simple, and easy to understand interface making it elegantly friendly and easy to use. 

Eco and sustainable tourism play a huge role in their strategies; Termeh Travel provides professional tip-based free walking tours. These tours help to make the world a better place by not using any buses or cars. Termeh also supports the local tour guides, drivers, and hotels and creates different types of job opportunities and employment.


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