Iran Air Force makes new key progress in electronic warfare: commander 

January 15, 2020 - 19:50

TEHRAN - The lieutenant commander of the Iran Air Force for coordination affairs said on Wednesday that his force has recently attained new cutting-edge progress in the field of electronic warfare.

Electronic warfare (EW) is any action involving the use of the electromagnetic spectrum (EM spectrum) or directed energy to control the spectrum, attack an enemy, or impede enemy assaults.

Brigadier General Mahdi Hadian said that electronic warfare is among the most important influential techniques and equipment in the reinvigoration of combat might.

He further said, “The Air Force has gained important achievements in this field,” assuring the Iranians about the Air Force’s deterrent power which can counter the enemies’ state-of-art weapons.  

Iran has increased its defense power in recent years by developing different types of weapons and equipment.

In March 2019, Commander of the Iranian Air Force Brigadier General Aziz Nasirzadeh and Vice-President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari officially opened the mass-production lines of Kaman-12 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and Akhgar missiles.

In the ceremony, also the first aeronautical center, equipped with laser technology of Launch Services Program (LSP), was inaugurated in Army Aerospace Force Self Sufficiency Jihad Organization (ASF SSJO).

General Nasirzadeh said these achievements were made in sanctions conditions, adding, “This technology is also applicable in the medical industry, energy industry (gas-powered turbines) and also the automotive industry.”

Kaman-12, the first home-made wide-body drone with a jet engine, was unveiled in January 2019 in an exhibition held by Armed Forces in Tehran.


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