International calligraphers join Iranians to select Yase Yasin winners

January 24, 2020 - 18:7

TEHRAN - Davut Bektas from Turkey, Obeida Mohammed Saleh Al Banki from Syria and Abdulridha Behiye al-Farjawi from Iraq have joined Iranian calligraphers Abodolsamad Haj Samadi and Mohammad Hosseini to select the best works in naskh and thulth styles of calligraphy in the Yase Yasin International Calligraphy Awards, the organizers have announced.

Iranian calligraphers Mohammad Ehsai, Abbas Akhavein, Keikhosro Khorush, Jalil Rasuli and Ali Shirazi will also be judging the works competing in the nastaliq style of calligraphy.

The Mirase Yase Yasin Cultural Institute has established awards to honor the best Persian and Arabic calligraphy works from across the world on Hazrat Fatima (SA), daughter of Prophet Muhammad (S).

The secretariat of the awards has received over 560 submissions from 16 countries including India, Palestine, Lebanon, Malaysia, Algeria and England.

The first edition of the awards will be held in nastaliq, naskh and thulth in Mashhad, home to the holy shrine of Imam Reza (AS) on February 15, which is the birthday of Hazrat Fatima (SA).

The organizers also plan to award 18 calligraphy works with honorable mentions.

The winning works will be retained by the Mirase Yase Yasin Cultural Institute in order to showcase them in a museum that the institute plans to establish in a few years.

The Yase Yasin International Calligraphy Awards will be held biennially.

Photo: Judges are selecting the best works competing in the Yase Yasin International Calligraphy Awards on January 21, 2020. (Honaronline)


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