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International Association of University Presidents (IAUP)’s Branch Office Opened in Kish Island

March 1, 2020 - 15:41

Despite the existence of tough political sanctions imposed against Iran, the opening of a branch office of the International Association of University Presidents (IAUP) in the Islamic Republic of Iran, relying upon rich Iranian culture and civilization, was a very valuable event.

In this event, Kish was selected as the academic center of 16 countries of the region.

Chief Executive of Kish Free Zone Organization (KFZO) Gholamhoissein Mozaffari was the first speaker in the inaugural ceremony of IAUP’s branch office in Iran who hailed the start of activity of this reliable media on Kish Island and added, “Kish is the entry and exit gateway of many important scientific, sports, industrial, cultural and economic subjects between Iran and overseas.”

Kish Island has unique and salient specifications for hosting prestigious international events in a way that many outstanding and learned people consider Kish Island as the best hub for organizing meetings and conferences.

The issue of investment and its boom is one of the basic subjects in Kish Island, he said, adding, “the issue of investment has been taken into serious consideration in the recent years and especially after the special emphasis of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei on the issue of boosting the domestic production.”

Once this issue had been taken into consideration more, presently, most of economic problems of the country would have been resolved, he highlighted.

Most complicated problems and obstacles facing ahead of projects were resolved with the motivation, determination and technical knowhow, he said, adding, “according to the statistics and plan compiled by 2021, we have more than 30,000 billion tomans worth of projects in Kish which their construction is underway.”

All people from walks of life such as Leader of the Islamic Revolution will satisfy with this huge volume of investment on Kish Island, he emphasized.

Elsewhere in his remarks, CEO of KFZO pointed to the equal amount of investment made on projects in Kish which is equal to one-third of total budget of the country and added, “the organization supported all these projects in line with realizing most of its predefined objectives.”

Turning to the recent Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) of the Organization, he said, “establishing sound and positive interactions with outside the country for introducing and taking advantage of Kish Island’s capacities is one of the main approaches taken in the formulated strategic program, one of which is related to a Malaysian company that selected this island for investment. With the coordination made, the provisions of the MoU is at the finalization stage.”

In the international arena, various contracts have been executed with ECO member states in artistic, sports and cultural fields and some of these projects have been operationalized, he added.

He pointed to the inauguration of the International Association of the University Presidents (IAUP)’s branch office in Iran and added, “this important event is very valuable in the Middle East and Central Asian region. this important event happened at the time that the country had been put under severe and tough sanctions politically but due to the rich culture and civilization of the country and longstanding history of the country, Kish Island was selected as the center stage of IAUP of 16 countries.”

Selection of Kish Island by 16 countries as a branch office of IAUP in the Middle East region is of paramount importance which shows high capacities and capabilities of this Island, he said, adding, “presently, all universities and academic centers in the country have guided their academic activities towards Kish in order to become internationalized.”

Mozaffari also pointed to a MoU inked with ECO member states and added, “a meeting of presidents of Football Committee of ECO member states will be held in Kish Island soon.”

He also referred to the MoU and added, “this agreement will be held as quadripartite in a way that presence of KFZO, central secretariat of eCO member states, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Iran Football Federation and Iran National Olympic Committee is very valuable and significant.”

Turning to economic activities of ECO member states, he said, “programs such as setting up permanent secretariat in Kish, construction of land for permanent exhibition and space for staying ambassadors of the mentioned countries and also drawing up various rules and regulations have been put atop agenda.”

 He also put special emphasis on the significance of environment and added, “all necessary licenses will be obtained with observing necessary standard rules and regulations.”

The CEO of KFZO pointed to Kish Innovation Center and startups in this Island and added, “in line with its realizing its scientific mission, the Center has taken giant strides. All activities of the Center were accelerated with the cooperation and collaboration of all pillars of the government including Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, selected academic centers and universities of the country and industrial centers, etc. in a way that many applicants such as petrochemical and knowledge-based companies have negotiated with the officials in order to set up a branch office of their companies on Kish Island.”

About 24 companies have been et up in Kish Island, he said, adding, “we are seeking to set up a Scientific Services Park or Knowledge-Based Toenship in Kish which will link this Center with production and knowledge-based companies.”

All amenities and facilities have been provided for knowledge-based companies in Kish since these companies require to have consecutive relations with foreign companies, he underscored.

Kish is a suitable and important hub for organizing prestigious international events in the region and has high capacities and potentials for these events.

Signing and sealing a Memorandum of Understanding with Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA) is of the other important events happened in Kish and added, “we are determined to turn Kish Island into a Center of Iranian International Economy Forum in the region.”

In the end, CEO of KFZO Mozaffari pointed to hosting Kish in Qatar 2022 World Cup and added, “World Cup is a great opportunity for the region and Kish enjoys high capability in this regard. Therefore, we have negotiated with Iran Football Federation and Qatari Football Federation in order to provide welfare amenities for setting up training camps.”

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