Iran allocates $240m for compensating corona flight cancelations

April 5, 2020 - 19:35

TEHRAN  - The Iranian government has allocated 10 trillion rials (about $240 million (at the official rate of 42,000 rials) to help airliners refund the cost of flights, which have been canceled by the novel coronavirus.

Based on official statistics, over 70 percent of air tickets have so far been canceled in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, which has raged Iran and many parts of the globe, ISNA reported on Sunday.

The canceled trips were mostly scheduled for Noruz (the two-week New Year holidays started March 20), when travels, both international and domestic, reach record numbers.

The virus, also known as COVID-19, caused air, road and rail travel a meltdown in the country and in the world, as well.

In an act that is far different from the sole of the age-old Noruz traditions, a majority of people stayed home instead of coming together, visiting the loved ones, or spending time in nature.

Iranian Transport and Urban Development Minister Mohammad Eslami announced in February that customers are allowed to receive a refund when airlines cancel or significantly delay flights or they could reschedule their tickets for a later time, the report said.


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