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Industrial, Production Sectors to Boom on Kish Island in Current Year Named after ‘Surge in Production’

April 26, 2020 - 17:54

Industrial and production sectors will boom on Kish Island in the current year [started March 21, 2020] named after ‘surge in production’ by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution.

Industrialists, entrepreneurs, and producers on Kish Island did not shut down their activities despite the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, also known as COVID-19, in the country.

Accordingly, these industrialists and producers boomed wheels of production and industry in line with realizing objectives of ‘surge in production’.

Seyyed Reza Samadi Manager of Kish Free Zone Organization (KFZO) for Economic and Industrial Affairs in an interview with Mehr news agency added, “in the year named after ‘surge in production’, more than 10 industrial and production plants in the field producing cosmetics and hygienic products, cryogenic installations and furniture, oil industries and hi-tech companies will set up a branch office of their industrial units on Kish Island, with an investment of more than $100 million foreign exchange and also 4,000 billion rials.”

Once the aforementioned projects became operational on Kish Island, employment opportunities will be generated for more than 1,500 engineers and technical-specialized personnel, he reiterated.

He put the number of active industrial and production units on Kish Island at 300 units, the number of which will hit 43 before termination of the current year [to end March 20, 2021].

With the coordination and planning made as well as wise measures taken by the respected Chief Executive of Kish Free Zone Organization [KFZO] as well as Dr. Akhoundi and Eng. Moghadaszadeh, giant steps were taken in correcting instructions, accelerating and facilitating activities of producers and industries active on Kish Island, he said, adding, “at the initiative taken in this regard, we are witnessing the activity of large industrial and production units with producing important pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and oil products in different industrial and production units on Kish Island.”

At the initiation of one of large cosmetic and sanitary production company on Kish Island and considering the current requirement of the country due to the epidemic of coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, in the country, an automatic face mask production unit, with the daily production capacity of 80,000 face asks, will be commissioned in the current week.

Not only launching industrial and production units on Kish Island can meet a major portion of the demands of people of this zone, but also more employment opportunities will be generated for job-seeking people, he added.

He put the number of industrial and production units set up on Kish Island in the past 20 years at more than 230 units, on a land area as large as 44 ha land area, and most of these units have a personal owner.

In the end, he pointed to the important measures taken at Kish Free Zone Organization (KFZO) and added, “reopening shutdown and semi-shutdown units is one of the salient measures taken on Kish Island in the shortest time possible.”


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