By Dariush Sajjadi Tehran Times Journalist (1992-1995)


May 5, 2020 - 11:46

A home is shaped by our reminiscences, memories, and recalls rather than concrete blocks and clay bricks. 

It would not be an exaggeration to say that an editorial office is the primary home of a journalist and their private ones are just a place to sleep! In other words, authors and reporters are kinds of vagabonds!
On the eve of the 41st anniversary of the “Tehran Times”, a dear staff of the English-language daily sent me a message that I would respectfully write something on the honor of my previous presence at the newspaper.   

The Tehran Times also was my home. Some 26 years ago, I had the honor to be a member of this family. 
I left Iran 21 years ago but Iran did not leave me alone.  My “houses” and memories of Iran is still with me.

One of those sweet memories that will live with me forever evokes from the Tehran Times that still stays with me in a mutual manner. 

Turbah [a small piece of soil or clay used during Islamic daily prayers to symbolize Earth] of an editorial office for a journalist equals the flooring of a Zurkhaneh [which literally means ‘strength house’ in Persian, a special traditional place where men practice heroic sports] for an athlete; for both, you may kiss upon your arrival!

It’s my pleasure to sincerely congratulate the 41st anniversary of the Tehran Times to all my dear colleagues at the daily as I plant a kiss on its soil. 
We go and we die! But our homes won’t. They will remain standing!

My body left Iran and the Tehran Times 21 years ago, but my soul and spirit never left the land and the sanctity of that family. 

I desire my home, the Tehran Times, to be stronger than ever. Good luck and tons of best wishes. More power on your elbow my beloved fellows.  


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