By Hassan Lasjerdi, former Tehran Times editor-in-chief 

The path towards a world-class outlet

May 5, 2020 - 17:29

The Tehran Times enjoys the capability to be among the world-class media outlets and to attain such a goal entails motivated staff and talented managers. 

I got acquainted with the Tehran Times when I was a university student in the 1980s. I found the paper as a daily which was trying hard to manifest the Islamic Republic of Iran's policies and approaches within a logical framework. 

Shortly after graduation, I found myself interested in working in Iran's media sector. I still believe that media are among key tools that can affect positively the human being to enjoy a peaceful life. 

I believe that the Tehran Times, as it is mentioned in its title, can effectively serve as an international paper. To do so, the daily needs of a manager who can understand deeply the international developments. It needs a manager who can materialize such an ambitious plan. 

If somebody asks me why I have raised such a claim, I will refer to martyr Ayatollah Mohammad Hosseini Beheshti who has said that the Tehran Times should be the “loud voice of the oppressed people”. With such a wise viewpoint, the Tehran Times will continue to exist. 

I still believe that the Tehran Times should air a sensible view of the Islamic Republic establishment. It is worthy to say that the mentioned explanation should be provided as a theory in order to enable people around the world to grasp the message of the Islamic establishment easier. The audience, in some cases, should resort to intellectual identification to feel more proximity and familiarity to the proposed theory.   

Also, since we are living in a communications era, the Tehran Times should pay due to attention to cutting-edge digital information to air voices.  

I have always been insisting on a reality that a professional journalist's geographical coverage and field of activities must partly be greater than managers' mentality and thoughts. However, some problems, including a shortage of income, lack of professional journalists, and in certain cases contradiction between politics and media have restricted journalists from fulfilling their mission efficiently.   

The growing trend of digitalization of media activities is now a smart choice which seems to turn into a mandatory organizational issue in the coming years, therefore, the future will be owned by those who decide and act correctly today.  

As the last word by a person who has always been monitoring the Tehran Times' activities, this daily should be managed by those who have the correct understanding and dynamic mentality about international developments and Iran's standing in the world in order to safeguard the heritage of the first generation of the Islamic Revolution and in order to enable the Tehran Times to remain the loud voice of the oppressed and deprived people around the world.

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