Restoration begins on historical Baharestan Citadel 

May 10, 2020 - 21:30

TEHRAN – The Baharestan Citadel in northeastern city of Birjand, South Khorasan province is being restored in order to be protected and strengthened, Ali Shariatimanesh, a provincial tourism official, said on Sunday, IRNA reported.

A potential threat of physical harm to the historical site will be lifted after the urgent restoration, he added. 

He also noted that a budget of 1.2 billion rials (about $30,000) has been allocated to the project, which is scheduled to be done in collaboration with the Regional Water Company of South Khorasan. 

The monument is planned to be turned into a water museum after the restoration in the near future, he stated. 

Baharestan Citadel, which is one of the main historical places in Birjand, dates back to the Zand dynasty (1751-1794). 

The historical site was once one of the largest and magnificent Iranian gardens, which is being destroyed due to negligence and erosion over the years. However, it has been inscribed on the National Heritage list. 

The Baharestan Citadel is considered to be a unique monument in terms of decorating the exterior and the interior of the brick citadel. The main building is an octagonal lattice and its exterior decorations are very similar to the bricks ornaments of the Karim Khan Zand Citadel in Shiraz. 


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