Players will face legal action in case pretending to have coronavirus

May 18, 2020 - 18:50

TEHRAN- Acting head of Iran Football League Organization Soheil Mahdi has warned team members and players about pretending to have coronavirus.

“Anyone who falsely states to be infected with the coronavirus will face legal action,” Warned Soheil Mahdi.

The Iran Professional League (IPL) will resume on June 11, the Iran Football League Organization announced on Sunday.

All sports activities in Iran were suspended on March 11, following the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus. The season was halted with nine rounds remaining.

 When asked about the beginning of the group training of the IPL team, Mahdi responded: “in order to return to group training, all the teams must take measures to test their players and technical staff for Covie-19. We hope that this will happen in the next two or three days. After the teams’ squads give negative results in testing coronavirus, the teams can start training.”

Regarding the implementation of health protocols, the head of the Football League Organization said: "We have three medical organizations that oversee sports activities; 1. Iran Football Medical Assessment and Research Center (IFMARC), football federation Medical Committee, and Sports Medicine Federation. These three organizations monitor the proper implementation of health protocols in competitions.”

He also explained how the league will continue if there will be new cases of coronavirus infection among the players.

“There are two different issues in this regard; What to do with the person who is really infected, and what to do with the person who pretends to have coronavirus. About the first one, we should consult with national competent authorities. But about the second case, anyone who falsely states to be infected with the coronavirus will face the criminal charge,” Soheil Mahdi said.

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