Wife of Iranian soldier martyred by ISIS shares memories in “I Know the Way to Our Home”

June 9, 2020 - 19:1

TEHRAN – Ozra Shoqi, the wife of Iranian soldier Farid Kaviani who was martyred by ISIS terrorists in Syria, has shared her husband’s life story in the book “I Know the Way to Our Home”. 

Maryam Hazrati is the author of the book published by Khat-e Moqaddam Publications.

Farid was a construction worker and married Ozra at a very young age. He was forced to travel to other cities for work.

It was hard for Farid to tolerate the separation. Sadeq was their first son. Their life was very simple and the very first winter when Sadeq was a child, Farid had to sell his wedding ring to acquire proper clothing for his son.

When Ozra was expecting their second child, Farid began to talk about moving to Syria for work as a construction worker, but he actually wanted to go to defend the holy shrine of Hazrat Zeinab (SA), the granddaughter of Prophet Muhammad (S), in Damascus.

Farid began to travel to Syria in 2011 more frequently, and finally, Ozra heard the news of his martyrdom in August 2016 when their third child was only an infant. 

Photo: A poster for the book “I Know the Way to Our Home” by Maryam Hazrati.



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