Book City to scrutinize philosophy of life in views of Western thinkers 

July 4, 2020 - 18:11

TEHRAN – The philosophy of life in the views of a number of Western philosophers will be reviewed in an online session that will be organized by the Book City Institute in Tehran.

The session entitled “Life, a Journey to Create Meanings” will be held on July 7 at 3 pm on and Hossein Mahmudi will deliver a speech.

“Is there any meaning for life?” the Book City wrote in a statement for the session. “If so, is the meaning the same for everybody? And if not, is it possible to create a meaning for life? Is the meaning accessible to others? Is it enough to create meaning for life once and forever? Will one meaning be able to cover all aspects of our lives?”

“These questions have occupied the minds of many people and the session intends to find answers based on the views of some philosophers from Plato to Albert Camus, Jean-Paul Sartre, Friedrich Nietzsche and Ludwig Wittgenstein,” it added.

Photo: A poster for the session “Life, a Journey to Create Meanings”.


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