Referendum is fair solution to Palestine crisis: embassy

September 14, 2020 - 18:24

TEHRAN – Iran’s embassy in Japan said in a tweet on Monday that holding a referendum in Palestine is a fair solution to restore the rights of Palestinians.

The tweet followed after the U.S. president announced on September 11 that Bahrain is becoming the second Arab country in the Persian Gulf region which has agreed to normalize ties with the Zionist regime of Israel. The normalization deal came 29 days after the UAE agreed to establish full ties with Israel. 

“Holding a referendum and referring to public vote of all the Palestinian people can be a fair and sustainable solution to end occupation and violence in the Middle East and to support the rights of Palestinians, not normalizing relations and betraying the Palestinian cause,” said the tweet.

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has proposed referendum among the native Palestinians as the solution to the protracted Palestinian conflict.

Reiterating the Leader’s suggestion, Foreign Minister Zarif also said in February that the solution to the Palestinian issue is “resistance and referendum”.

“In my opinion, this is an opportunity for the world of Islam to realize that the solution for the issue of Palestine turns around the two pivots of democracy and resistance,” Zarif said in an interview with the

“The unity inside Palestine on the basis of resistance can turn out to be a very auspicious phenomenon for foiling Zionist policies,” he said.

The chief diplomat also said democracy “is a very important player as well”, noting the self-proclaimed defenders of democracy have no reason to oppose referendum in the occupied lands.

“Those whose cry of democracy has deafened the world and who refer to the Zionist regime as the only democracy in the region should be prepared to embrace the real democracy.”


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