Iranian students win 8 medals at IOAA 2020

October 31, 2020 - 18:12

TEHRAN – Iranian students grabbed 8 colorful medals at the International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics (IOAA), according to the National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents.

Hosted by Slovakia, the IOAA was held virtually this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The medals included two gold, two silver, and four bronze medals as well as two honorary diplomas, ranking Iranian students fifth in the world.

Kasra Hajian and Parshan Javanroud won the gold medals, Ali Raz Ghandi and Matin Mohammadi Sarai grabbed the silvers ones, Amir Hossein Haji Mohammad Rezaei, Fatemeh Ali Moradi, Hossein Mohammadi, and Mohammad Mehdi Vahedi were the bronze medal winners.
Amir Reza Ghadyani and Mohammad Amin Soraya also received honorary diplomas.

IOAA is an annual astronomy and astrophysics competition for high school students. It is one of the international science Olympiads.

IOAA 2019 was held in Hungary on August 2-10.

Iranian students came in first by winning 9 gold and silver medals at the IOAA 2018.

The first IOAA was held in the city of Chiang Mai, Thailand, from November 30 to December 9 of 2007.

The third IOAA was held in 2009, October 17 to 27, in Tehran. The observational exam was held in the desert, in the Caravanserai of Deh Namak, Semnan Province. 20 countries participated in the competition including the first time participation for Kazakhstan and Serbia.

According to its official website, the main goal of IOAA is to promote the growing interest in Astronomy and related subjects, especially through the general education of young people, and enhancing the development of international contacts among different countries in promoting Astronomy and Astrophysics in schools. It is expected through the event like IOAA more bright high school students will be eager to study astronomy at the university level to become the next generation astronomers.

More success at international Olympiads 2020

Iranian students grabbed four medals at the 31st International Biology Olympiad (IBO 2020) which took place in Nagasaki, Japan on July 3-11.

The team of Iranian students won six colorful medals at the 61st International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO 2020), putting the country at 18th place. Held on September 21-22, IMO 2020 was hosted by Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The country’s team also snatched 4 medals at the 52nd International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO 2020) held in Turkey on July 6 to 15.


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