Persian books published for Iranian children living in Sweden

November 6, 2020 - 18:49

TEHRAN – The Iranian Association of Writers for Children and Youth announced on Thursday that it has prepared two Iranian writers’ books, which are bilingual in Persian and Swedish, for those Iranian children living in Sweden.

The books are “Pojken som tittade ut” (“The Boy Who Looked out”) and “Lille Ilia” (“Little Ilia”), both written by Jamal Akrami.

Published by Café 60 Media, “Pojken som tittade ut” is about Elika, a girl who moves with her family to a village in northern Iran. She meets Rayka, a boy who always sits at home by the window, looking out. Elika keeps asking Rayka to do a lot of fun things out with him, but he refuses to do so every time. Finally, Elika decides to meet Rayka at home, where she sees him in a wheelchair.   

Katayun Keshavarzi is the translator of the book embellished with illustrations by Azam Torshizi.

“Little Ilia” is about a cheerful boy who spends his days in the cotton field, if he is not in school, of course. He loves his grandmother so much that he tries to surprise her with unusual gifts every day when he comes home from school. One day an unknown man comes to visit. He wants to take her to an unknown land. Ilia has to come up with a solution since he does not want his grandma to go away. 

Robab Moheb is the translator of the book published by Nordient with illustrations by Mahkameh Shabani.

Akrami is the writer of numerous children’s books, including “The Sole and the Sea”, “Malik Shamran”, “The Stranger and the Sea”, “Zarbal” and “Children of the Moon”, a number of which have been translated into English, Spanish, Korean, Turkish and several other languages. 

Photo: A combination photo shows front covers of Iranian writer Jamal Akrami’s books “Pojken som tittade ut” and “Lille Ilia” published in Swedish.


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