By Martin Love

An assassination has made a dark Mideast darker than ever…

November 30, 2020 - 12:1

Joe Biden’s up and coming “climate” czar John Kerry has claimed the reason Russia came to Syria’s aid several years ago was because ISIS was threatening Damascus. And he also more or less admitted to the U.S. role assisting ISIS because the U.S. thought Syria might thus be brought to the negotiating table. But what has been most elusive in this carnage, a decade long in Syria that continues with Zionist strikes on Syria that have gone unchallenged by the U.S. and the EU, is an adequate explanation as to why Syria under popular Assad ever constituted a real threat to anyone in the Middle East (West Asia). Was it a threat because Syria has long hoped that the Golan would be returned to Syria? Not likely. Or that Syria has long condemned Israeli apartheid and land theft? Not likely.

The answer actually is quite simple. The U.S. and the Zionists want to remain dominant in the Mideast (West Asia), and so the aim is to reduce sovereign countries to vassalage and penury. Already the world in this century has seen millions of innocents murdered in the region. And the assassination on November 27 of one of Iran’s top nuclear scientists, almost certainly by Mossad or its proxies, really has very little to do with a nuclear weapons program in Iran that in fact does not exist.

Here’s the problem: expertise with nuclear science and even its use for energy and medicine, even when it’s not directed to weapons specifically, gives a country like Iran the potential nuclear weapons. The JCPOA was and remains, if only it would be resurrected by a U.S. return to the deal and the elimination of sanctions, an effective bar to a shift of Iranian nuclear expertise to weapons. The mere fact that the U.S. scuttled the deal bares the Trumpist aims: incite Iran to respond as a pretext for a U.S./Israel/Saudi/UAE war on Iran.

As to who was behind the killing of one of Iran’s top scientists (again), one highly respected writer, who before retirement worked at the CIA for over two decades wrote a private message to a friend on the 27th: “Yes this is one instance where it (the assassination) begs to be credited to Israel, but in reality I am sure it is Trump/Pompeo who ordered it...and more is coming.”

If this ex-CIA employee is correct about “more is coming” between now and Biden’s inauguration, one can only literally pray that Iran’s leadership has the resolve and strength not to respond to the provocation of November 27 or any other provocation that would be used as pretext for war, at least not between now and January 20 when Biden is supposed to become President based on his apparent, resounding election win.

Iran has shown remarkable restraint, and the world knows it, for a very long time, a time measured in decades. In the U.S., too, one also must wonder if Trump’s aggressions, if they do result in a war, might be a war staged as a ploy by Trump to declare a “national emergency” and suspend Biden’s move into the White House come January 20th. This is a question that must be asked, since Trump and his gangster administration seem hell-bent with trying to nullify the election by any means possible.

It has been said that it is “always darkest before the dawn”. It’s hard to imagine a darker moment in the Middle East (West Asia) than now. Netanyahu and the Zionists are doing more damage than ever in the West Bank, planning more settlement expansion and destroying Palestinian property with extreme prejudice. The faux “peace deals” with the corrupted Arabs along the Persian Gulf have nothing to do with peace, but largely involve arms sales to frightened Arab regimes whose economies are not doing well. The Nobel Peace Prize is even begging to be abolished what with the nomination of Netanyahu and the UAE’s despot for the prize.

It is almost unreal, or surreal, how dark things have suddenly become. It would be strongly in Iran’s favor if the Islamic Republic does not overreact to the provocations at this time and save their responses for a day when the U.S. and its horrific allies have been badly weakened by their ignorance and spite. That day is coming, someday.

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