By Martin Love

Sustained and rare, honest goodwill by the U.S. is its only salvation now…

December 23, 2020 - 13:25

It would appear that the primary question regarding whether the JCPOA will be resurrected and sanctions dropped is on whose terms this might happen, if ever.

The best hope is that in some fashion the Biden administration, assuming it reaches the White House on January 20, apologizes in some way for Trump’s unwarranted “maximum pressure” campaign against the Islamic Republic (perhaps ideally with reparations?) and re-enters the JCPOA as it was before May 2018. And this seems to be exactly what the Islamic Republic is insisting on, which to any level-headed person makes the most sense. On the other hand, the U.S. appears to be aiming for the terms of the deal to be temporally extended, and at first glance this does not seem like something that could not be achieved in time.

“In time” means that an extension modification may be possible, but not right away. Maybe not for a year or more because, after all, it was the U.S. that unfaithfully trashed the deal just as under Trump and Pompeo and other Neo-con-ish Trump lackeys it withdrew from a number of other international accords in fits of extreme arrogance and disrespect for other countries, in particular Iran.

It may be that over the last four years the U.S. reached the very apex of its imperialistic dementia in what has been ultimately a decades-long, futile effort this century especially to maintain its dominance and influence across the globe – a time when the U.S. has been relying almost exclusively on military depredations or threats of such and its craven, parasitic, world-despised “allies” like the Saudis and the Israelis. Whatever happened to the application of some goodwill and faithfulness to alleged or designated enemies of varying degrees like China or Russia, but especially Iran? It’s been almost totally absent in the thinking and perverse strategies of Washington, and this absence or the effects of it are beginning to show more than it ever has in U.S. history.

Iran has not and never has sought special treatment from the U.S. or any other country but it has been subject to Western aggression, even regime change in 1953. Whatever happens, is this current decade, one thing has become utterly clear. The U.S. is in steep decline from where it was after World War 2 even if it remains a power that must be reckoned with if for no other reason but that an “empire” in decline, fast or slow, is still a dangerous one to those countries, especially those with natural resources and deep human capital, that want their sovereignty and independence respected no matter what.  And Iran above all desires just that, it is so obvious. 

Iran has not and never has sought special treatment from the U.S. or any other country but it has been subject to Western aggression, even regime change in 1953. (Whereas utterly dependent U.S. “allied” regimes like Saudi Arabia and Israel and a few others have demanded and received special treatments from the U.S. because otherwise they could not stand on their own legs and would quickly disappear without U.S. largesse or military protection at tremendous cost to U.S. citizens monetary and otherwise.)

Iranians know Iran’s millennia of history and its manifold achievements and its variegated culture and it rightfully takes pride in itself however it has evolved over the centuries. Yes, the Islamic Republic as it currently stands may not be a “democracy” in strict, idealistic Western terms, and has its problems just like any other nation, but the U.S. itself is no longer a “democracy” if one compares it now to its own definition of what real democracy looks like!

And the downward slide of the U.S. into a non-democratic corporatist oligarchy has to be the greatest tragedy the U.S. has ever suffered in its relatively short history aside from the Civil War of the 19th century. A tragedy because the U.S. as powerful as it may still seem suffers a huge gap between the haves and the have nots, a Treasury that is virtually bankrupt, debts of such magnitude the world has never seen before anywhere, and a kind of moral rot that is eating away at the foundations of civil accord so deeply that many foreigners find the country laughable for its current pretensions and hubris. The recent election, allegedly of Joe Biden, and discord over the results is telling, for one thing.

Moreover, few worldwide have much respect any longer for what’s left of U.S. world dominance – something that could have been obviated had the U.S. not turned itself into a military predator mounting useless and costly wars willy nilly that have merely benefited temporarily only a very few U.S. citizens at the top of the food chain.

One huge question now is whether someone like Joe Biden can begin to turn things around for America before it collapses. Given his proposed administration’s appointments of many retreads from the Clinton and Obama years, a turnaround may not be in the cards but still those Americans at least who voted for Biden are hopeful. A good dollop of honest and sustained goodwill towards countries like Iran such that in time the U.S. might be trusted to a degree again may be just the correct formula for progress. And this in turn would have to involve less support, or conditional support, for the Zionists and the Saudis, to name two examples. 

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