New Russian-Persian dictionary published

April 25, 2021 - 19:7

TEHRAN – Vesal, a major Tehran-based company, has recently published a new Russian-Persian dictionary for basic learners of the Russian language in Iran.

The dictionary contains more than 2,000 main entries and 15,000 sub-entries, the publisher has announced.

The dictionary has been compiled by Raheleh Ziai, the dean of the Russian Language Department of the Iran Language Institute.

In a preface to the dictionary, Ziai wrote, “Due to the increasing trade, political, social and cultural relations between Iran and Russian-speaking countries, there is a growing demand for Russian-Persian educational resources.”

“The compilation of such reference books can be a big help towards teaching the two languages to establish better verbal communication and mutual understanding in various sectors and fields,” she added. 

She also said that the dictionary is suitable for Iranian and Russian language learners as well as beginners who are interested in learning Russian or Persian on their own. It is written in a way that the reader can easily communicate with and understand.

One of the features of the Russian to Persian dictionary is to simplify and facilitate language learning via methods used in the learner’s native language, subsequently the definition of terms and expressions and the use of words are described by using them in sentences and phrases.

In addition to the fact that all entries in the dictionary have examples, one of the most important features that distinguishes this dictionary from other Russian-Persian dictionaries is that modern methods have been used to distinguish gender in names.

Ziai also said that in compiling this dictionary, the entries and examples are based on the frequent vocabulary used in the latest Russian language teaching books in foreign languages.

She is also the author of numerous books about Russian literature, including “Tatar Myths and Mythology”, “Their” and “Verbal Motive Actions in Languages with Different Structures”.

Photo: Cover of a new Russian-Persian dictionary published by Vesal in Tehran.


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