Iran dismisses sending Syrian youth to Yemen

May 9, 2021 - 18:41

TEHRAN — The Iranian embassy in Ankara on Sunday dismissed a claim by Turkey’s Anadolu News Agency claim that Iran was sending troops from Syria to Yemen, calling it a “lack of information about the realities on the ground in Yemen.”

On Sunday, the Iranian embassy issued a statement saying, “This false claim contradicts the Islamic Republic of Iran's approach to the catastrophic and inhumane war against the Yemeni people. The Islamic Republic of Iran has always called for an end to this war and has supported UN efforts to find a political solution.”

Anadolu News Agency had recently claimed that Iranian forces stationed in Syria would send Syrian youth to Yemen to fight in the country.

The false claim comes as Yemen has been under a complete siege by Saudi and American forces for several years so that even the sending of medicine and food is not possible except in some cases by the United Nations.

In recent months, there has been a lot of news about Turkish drone assistance to Saudi Arabia in the Yemeni war, so that several of its drones have crashed in Yemen.

Also, due to the proximity of the Salah Brotherhood party to Ankara and the presence of its party officials in Istanbul, efforts have been made for Turkey to have a field presence in Yemen in support of the Brotherhood party and proximity to Saudi Arabia.


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