House of Parties chief writes to national TV director urging him to fully observe neutrality in pres

May 9, 2021 - 19:21

TEHRAN - The head of the House of Parties has written a letter to the national TV chief asking him to observe full impartiality and give equal time to presidential candidates.

The presidential elections will be held on June 18.

“The House of Parties of Iran urges national TV to fully observe impartiality in arranging plans and allocating time and equal opportunity to presidential candidates,” Shahabodin Sadr, a former parliamentarian, suggested.

Sadr said the House of Parties as the representative of legal political parties and groups as well as party chiefs is ready to help the national TV to perform its duty properly.

Sadr has urged the national TV director to issue the necessary order to all program directors at different TV channels.

Registration of the candidates for presidential election will start on May 11 and will last until May 15. The Guardian council has five days to qualify or disqualify candidates.

After they are confirmed by the oversight body, they will start campaigns on May 28 that will last until June 16.


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